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What my clients say

Maria C.
"In April 2022 I made the best decision for my health by starting to train with Diana. I was concerned about my back injury, but Diana is so knowledgeable and knows exactly how to push me without any pain at all. I love that Diana has transformed me into a better version of myself in so many ways!"
“I've been training with Diana for approximately 8 months and have had nothing but lovely experiences. She has helped me become comfortable and confident in the gym. The best part of my day is getting to train with her and work towards my goals together. She makes working on healthy lifestyle changes fun and exciting. She is a ray of sunshine and an extraordinaire trainer. 10/10 recommend.”
Michelle M.
Viann C.
“As a beginner in the gym, Diana has made me so comfortable and welcomed the entire way! She was always attentive and empowering and a great influence to be around as well. Diana has truly impacted my life inside and out of the gym, and anyone that has her as personal trainer can tell that she genuinely cares about her clients goals and wellbeing. She is hands down one of the best trainers at Movati and anyone would be so lucky to have her guidance. ”
"Diana has been my personal trainer for 2 years and she has been an excellent teacher during those 2 years. Diana is very organized and is well prepared every session we have had. She is extremely positive and friendly and has always been very encouraging in every exercise that I am doing. My physical strength and muscle tone has improved over her guidance. She gave me motivation to push myself to improve either through heavier weights or more reps when doing a set. I am very grateful to have had the opportunity to have had Diana as a trainer and only wish her more success in the future."
Sandra M.
Kassidy C.
"Diana was my first ever trainer. She introduced me to the gym, taught me
proper exercise technique, and provided excellent custom workout plans suited for my fitness goals. She was very personable and always supported and checked in with me. She gave me a new confidence in the gym and in myself. I am so grateful to have had her as my trainer and would highly recommend her to anyone looking to start in the gym!!"
"Diana is a cheerful, positive, and conscientious individual who makes you feel at ease with her confident demeanor. With a wealth of experience, these attributes and her extensive training makes her an exceptional PT. She patiently listens to any concerns and quickly addresses them by combining her experience and knowledge in developing a plan that is best suited for you. All in all, she is most definitely my number one choice for a PT."
Liliana C.
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