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5 Ways to Get Back on Track After Falling Off

We cannot be on top of everything at all times. Our bodies are not meant to be on all the time but also look at what you do daily. Out of everything you do daily, how much of it can you say you have done daily for a week? how about a month? a year? Other than eating, showering, and brushing your teeth, it’s slim to none.

The most important factor during a falling off period is how SOON you get back on track. For example, if you miss a day of working out, make sure you get your workout in the next day. If you fell off track with your nutrition, aim to get back on track either the next meal, or the next day.

Why is this important? You break the cycle of inconsistency right AWAY vs falling into it for longer periods of time, which does not lead to success as there is no structure or consistency.

Here are 5 Ways to Get Back on Track after Falling Off:

  1. Give yourself grace and compassion. Life will always have ups and downs. This will include being able to stay on track. You need to understand the difference between being in a viscous cycle where you constantly beat yourself up vs knowing when your body needs rest. The former will get you no where vs the ladder will lead to success long-term.

  2. Look back and analyze why you fell off. This reason is what differentiates successful vs unsuccessful people. As hard as it can be, view falling off in a more positive way by finding 1 thing you did well. Then be honest with yourself and ask: what triggered you and what did you learn? From there, you can make a plan of action to get back on track but also to prepare yourself for possible future set backs.

  3. Do not dwell on or be hard on yourself. Realize you can’t do anything to change your past actions, but you can change your future actions.

  4. Set one small manageable goal for the week. Do not set yourself up for failure. This will only continue the viscous pattern. The goal needs to be one where you feel 100% confident you can achieve it. For example, I will workout 2x this week, or I will only eat out 1x this week.

  5. Set your environment up for success so it's simple for you to stay on track. It’s about consistency, not your motivation, or your mood, otherwise you will never get anywhere. Some examples include: meal prepping, setting your workout clothes in the morning, putting water in all rooms, etc.

It’s very common to beat ourselves up whenever we fall off track. However, beating yourself up adds additional stress and pressure and leads to you less likely implementing or changing anything. We are human, and its human nature to makes mistakes, and fall off track. Knowing this allows us to let go of the need to control everything and be hard on ourselves if we do fall off.

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