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Who I Am

I am a Certified Personal Trainer located in Edmonton, Alberta, and have been a trainer since 2020. I discovered my love for fitness when the gym helped me overcome one of the darkest times in my life, and now I love showing others the same. My goal is to help others achieve happiness, self-esteem, and greater quality of life, with less pain. My fitness philosophy is to make exercise enjoyable and empowering by providing you the tools you need to achieve your goals effectively, and maintain them long-term.



Habit Change

Weight Loss

Building Muscle and Strength

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Every person deserves to see their full potential.


BSc Degree in Psychology
Certified Personal Trainer
Level 1 and 2; Foot, Knee and Hip Programming Specialist Certifications
Personal Fitness Trainer Diploma
Level 1 Certification
Hypertrophy Fundamentals Certification
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